(Yet Another Ghost Installer)

YAGI is completly based on unix standard programms and deamons.
Additional programms written by me are under BSD-Licencse.
YAGI can backup harddrive's from any maschine which is able to boot over network.
It doesn't make any difference if SCSI/IDE or reiserfs/ext3/NTFS is on the backup maschine installed. YAGI works hardware and filesystem independent.

Some pictures below will show how it works.

YAGI will completely boot over LAN. Your computer just have to an new NIC which is capable of PXE booting.
After the DHCP-Server provides an valid IP-Address, the tftp sends PXE-Linux to the maschine and...
...shows the yagi-boot prompt. After booting the system via NFS, mounting NFS-root, creating RAMS disks, and so on...
...you can start the creating of an clone image with ‘cookdisk <servername/ip-adress> <imagename>’. In following entered 'cookdisk lenny s2410'. [s2410 should stand for toshiba satellite 2400-series]. Sorry for the bad picture, I had no better camera.
On another-console you can start YAGI-Systemoverview to watch some maschine based data and the the progress of the image writing/reading. It works for both.
For writing the image back to the laptop use eatdisk. The syntax is the same as cookdisk will use it. Sorry again for the bad picture.
After succesfull writting the image you will this this prompt. You can now turn off the maschine. There is no need for shuting down.
YAGI is well tested and stable, but yagi is still in its infancy, a lot of improvments can be done.
One great mobile Computer Manufactorer uses this for installation of their maschines. For more and detailed information please read my Diploma Thesis.

Have phun on the device.
Viel Spass am Geraet.

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